الاثنين، 10 يناير 2011

Tips for Success in math

every student like to be superior. i think that to be superior you need to work hard and be Patient. here there are some tips to help you for success in MATH.

1 - you need to organize you time and choose the best time to study math. don't study at time you feel fatigue and don't study at time you feel Sleepy .

2- choose to right way in your study. you should choose the way which help you in understanding you lesson . for instance some of my students who don't like math try to Memorizing the geometrical theorems with out understand it therefore they don't learn any thing.

3-to be great in math you should solve problems as much as you can. try to solve different ideas.

4-if you can't find solution for a problem try to search for it and if you find it try to understand it. 

5- Visit your instructor during office hours to get help in problems which you cannot solve . 

6-Don't be afraid to ask questions in class. There are always other students in class who have the same questions but are too shy too ask.

7- Review your class notes and try reworking the problems the instructor did in class. Many students say "I understand it perfectly when you do it, but I get stuck when I try to work the problem myself." Reworking the problems the instructor did in class will help reinforce what you have learned. 

8 - try to do your math home work as soon after class as possible.

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